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Jewelry and Fashion Wholesale

"Beautiful Wares ... Lowest Prices."

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  • Bestseller
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    S_764100 - 764 100 - BRACELET DISPLAY VELVET (1st)

    Price per piece € 4,50

    Price per package € 4,50

  • Bestseller
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    S_710008 - DISPLAY BOX RINGS VELVET 22.5x14.5cm (1st)

    Price per piece € 3,95

    Price per package € 3,95

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    44972 - Discounted BORDEN SMALL - MODEL 5 (10st).

    Price per piece € 0,08

    Price per package € 0,80

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    S_748600 - 748600 - DISPLAY BLACK (1st)

    Price per piece € 7,50

    Price per package € 7,50

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    S_1969800 - JEWELLERY LABEL "Miss Moneypenny" ON ROPE S (100st)

    Price per piece € 0,02

    Price per package € 1,50

  • Bestseller
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    S_1969900A - JEWELLERY LABEL "Miss Moneypenny" ON STRING L (100st)

    Price per piece € 0,02

    Price per package € 2,00

  • Nieuw
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    S_77969 - CONICAL RINGS DISPLAY (10st.)

    Price per piece € 0,95

    Price per package € 9,50

  • Bestseller
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    S_810014 - JEWELLERY LABEL ON ELASTIC (100st)

    Price per piece € 0,07

    Price per package € 7,00

  • Bestseller
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    S_82119 - BRACELET / NECKLACE displaybox

    Price per piece € 4,00

    Price per package € 4,00

Afhaalgroothandel - Your wholesaler of toys, jewelry and gift items Info


Welcome to the website of Afhaalgroothandel. Of course you want to know something more about us.

We specialize in new, fun and quality products, which are particularly suitable for retail shops, fairs, markets, fairs, events, etc. We also carry an extensive range of grab bag items, ideal for cafeterias, restaurants or just as a giveaway to your customers.

Because we import, prices will be low! Every 7 to 10 days we get a new container, so there are always new items on their way.

All the items you see on our website can be delivered from stock directly to you. If you order before 14:00 pm, and the payment has been processed, you will receive your order the next day. There is a possibility to pick up your order in our beautiful showroom in Apeldoorn, where there is always a nice cup of fresh coffee waiting for you! You can also choose to place your order online.

Want to know how our showroom looks and already acquainted with our team, please click here.